Earcons Ceiling Access Panels

Product Description

Earcons Acoustic innovative new Ceiling Access Panels offer a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the conventional gypsum trap doors, ensuring that your trap doors look neat and clean all the time. Access panel consists of aluminum profiles – with gypsum drywall insert 12.5mm or 25mm and one snap lock.
The hinged door is fitted with a safety catch for sizes above 300 x 300mm and can be used in both walls and ceilings. The standard panel is locked shut with concealed snap locks (push to release), optional security locks are also available, the gap between the cover and frame is a nominal 1.5mm. Modern and very functional, Earcons Acoustic Building System Ceiling Access Panels are available in three different configurations to cater for your specific requirements. They are planted in various areas of the suspended ceiling, shaft walls or drywall partitions that requires access for constant adjustments, inspections and revisions. Ventilation ducts, electrical control outlets, pipe and valves can be given as an example to these areas.

Product feature

Quality & Development

Earcons access panels are manufactured under strictly controlled quality systems and so we reserve the right to amend any of our published information and specification.

Available Sizes

350x350 mm, 450x450 mm, 600x600 mm, 600x1200 mm & customized size also available.


All standard panels are for internal use and only in areas of normal humidity.