Earcons Acoustic Doors

Earcons Acoustic wood and metal acoustical doors are used in premier live performance venues and industrial applications where noise and sound control is of primary concern. Greater importance is consistently high in-field noise reduction attained under actual job conditions. We delivers a fully factory assembled door unit including leaf, time saving split frame, seals, latching hardware and glazing. All of Earcons Doors acoustic door sets are tested to ISO 140-3 and will come with a certification tag stating the STC rating of that particular door set. Each acoustic door in the Earcons Acoustic Doors range can also be certified as a Smoke Control door set. Enfield Doors are specialist Acoustic Door manufacturers and supply bespoke interior fire doors, our years of experience combined with the skill of our craftsmen make us the leading experts in optimizing the acoustic performance of any type of door.
We manufacture all specialize in non-standard and custom sized doors for a wide range of acoustic uses, including:
• Auditorium , Multiplexes and Home Theatre
• Music Halls and Concert Venues
• Hotels, Offices and Factories
• Public Buildings, Museums and Galleries
• Hospitals and Nursing Homes
• Schools, Colleges and Universities
We take care to fully understand your exact requirements, so that we can recommend the correct technical specifications for your acoustic or soundproof doors.


Testing of acoustic door/frame units by independent laboratories complies with the most up-to-date standards on the continent. Fire labeled products have been tested . Fire labeled products may be supplied in singles or in pairs.
Sound resistance Wood and steel doors are available 1 3/4" thick from STC 33 to STC 54. Sound resistance Wood and steel doors are available at greater thicknesses from STC 54 to STC 64.
Units have been designed to accept readily available heavy weight builders hardware. Soundproof steel doors are available with acoustic glazing that is factory pre-installed.

Acoustic Series

These doors range from STC 35 – STC 54 and are available as single or pair door sets. The Earcons series offers a widest range of leaf facings and frame profiles to date. With large vision panel capabilities these door sets offer a fantastic combination of architectural elegance and certified acoustic performance.

Fire Rated Acoustic Doors

Fire rated acoustic doors are an integral part of the commercial building industry. Whether it is entry doors in a large apartment complex, or lecture theatre doors in a university, Pacific Doors offers a product that is manufactured to the highest fire door standard Upto 120 mins with certified acoustic performance to ISO 140-3.

Interconnecting Doors

Interconnecting Doors are two doors that are hung in either a common or separate frame. The configuration of the two door leafs is selected depending on your acoustic and other performance requirements – whether that be Fire protection, Security or aesthetic. Earcons Doors range of interconnecting doors range from STC 48 – STC 61. Common applications for these doors are either tel/motel room separating doors or music studio doors.


A professional door with exceptional acoustic insulation. Automated manufacturing process.

Standard models and special requirements. A wide range of accessories.

Technical Detail:





The Single & Double acoustic internal door sets are fire rated & available in a wide range of wood & Laminate finishes. They are used wherever high sound reduction performance required between noise sensitive area such as Private offices, Conference Hall, Auditorium, Theaters, Recording studio, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Hotel, Museum, Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms.