Earcons Cilia Stuff Panel

Earcons Cilia Stuff Magnesite bonded wood wool acoustic panel (fibre width 0.5-1.0 mm). Earcons Cilia Stuff Magnesite Wood Wool highly strong just like the beehive-type porous structure, which achieves superior sound and heat insulation, thereby providing architects with the best solution to health, ecology and sound absorbtion.

Product Features

Stuff Variants
Raised Access Floor
The Earcons Cilia Stuff Magnesite wood wool panels are available in various colors.

Sound Absorbtion Values

Raised Access Floor


Thickness 20/25/50 mm
Edge Square, Groove
Fire Class Class l & P
Sizes 600x600/1200/2400
Sound Absorption Upto 0.95
Density 400 Kg/m3
Climate (RH) 90
Weight 7 - 20 Kg/m2

Environment Friendly

Earcons Cilia Stuff Wood Wool fibers are bonded with magnesite; bonded wood wool boards are produced. Slabs of bonded wood wool are considered environmentally friendly construction and insulation materials because they do not contain organic binders.

Technical Performance

Non-combustibility: Mass loss 53% @ 750 oC - ISO 1182
Specific Optical Density of Smoke: Flaming Exposure 26.28 Dm (Corr) - ASTM E66
Ignitible: ‘P’ - BS 476 Part 5
Fire Propagation Index: 5.17 - BS 476 Part 6
Surface Spread: Class l - BS 476 Part 7

High Durability

Earcons Cilia Stuff Magnesite wood wool acoustic panels consist of Magnesite-bonded wood wool a very sturdy and durable material. Due to the material’s natural composition of wood and magnesite. Earcons can absorb and give off moisture. Earcons Cilia Stuff magnesite wood wool is therefore very suitable for cladding ceilings and walls in high acoustical areas such as Auditorium, Multiplexes, Recording studio, Media station, Music hall.


12 years limited warranty on the assembled system when installed to Earcons specifications.


The installation of Earcons Cilia Stuff Magnesite wood wool acoustic panels is part of interior decorating and may only be carried out under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.
* H-Spline for easy installation, dismantling and reinstallation. All dust-causing construction measures must be completed before starting the installation.

Raised Access Floor


Auditorium, Multiplexes, Home-Theaters, Airports, Recording studio, Music hall, Large entertainment city, Hotels, Hospitals, Museum, Indoor Stadiums ,Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office, Lecture Halls, Resorts Industrial Spaces, Retail Outlets and other public places for improvement of the environment.