Earcons Cilia Wood Wool Fibre Panel

Earcons Cilia Magnesite bonded wood wool acoustic panel (fibre width 0.5-1 mm). Exquisite surface structure building biologically recommended. Earcons Cilia Magnesite Wood Wool extremely strong just likes the beehive-type porous structure, which achieve excellent sound and heat insulation. Therefore, rendering architects with the best solution for health, ecology, heat and sound absorption purposes.

Environment Friendly

Earcons Cilia Wood Wool fibers are bonded with magnesite; bonded wood wool boards are produced. Slabs of bonded wood wool are environmentally friendly construction and insulation materials as they do not comprise organic binders.


The Earcons Cilia Magnesite wood wool panels are spray-painted with water-based paint in our new, modern painting facility. To ensure unique color pattern and good coverage, the paint nozzles are sprayed from several different angles. Earcons panels can be supplied in any RAL code. Wide spectrum of colors is available – you will get almost every color tone, ranging from most sought after color systems like as RAL, BS can be chosen.

Technical Performance

Thermal Conductivity – 0.08 Wm/k - IS 3346 Non-combustibility – Mass loss 53% @ 750 oC - ISO 1182 Ignitibility – ‘P’ - BS 476 Part 5 Fire Propagation Index – 5.17 - BS 476 Part 6 Surface Spread – Class I - BS 476 Part 7 Specific Optical Density of Smoke – Flaming Exposure 26.28 Dm (Corr) - ASTM E662

Thickness 20/25/50 mm
Edge Square, Groove
Fire Class Class l & P
Sizes 600x600/1200/2400
Sound Absorption Upto 0.95
Density 400 Kg/m3
Climate (RH) 90
Weight 7 - 20 Kg/m2

Light Reflection

Light reflection for Earcons panels is as follows: White: 70.8% Light natural: 55.2% Grey natural: 26.3%


Our offerings tend to be quite sturdy, thanks to the optimum utilization of magnesium and wood. The products in this category to hold the potential release moisture quite conveniently. So, these products can be utilized in cladding ceilings and walls in high-moisture places.

Sound Absorbtion Values

Raised Access Floor

Use & Maintenance

Earcons Cilia Magnesite wood wool panels usually require no subsequent care. Nevertheless, we propose regular cleaning with other surfaces – and other as needed. Light cleaning of the panels is effortless using absorbing performance of the panels. If you want to paint the Earcons Cilia Magnesite wood wool ceiling, you can use a long-haired paint roller or a hand sprayer.


The installation process falls under interior decorator, and should be performed within monitored humidity and temperature settings. But the duct-releasing procedure should be completed prior to its commencement. Some salient features of the process include: H-Profile Track Channel for Walls convenient installation, dismantling & reinstallation.
Cilia Wood Wool Fibre


The wide application spectrum comprises of such areas:, Auditorium, Multiplex, Library, Hotels, Indoor stadiums, Meeting halls, Hospitals, Educational, Industrial, Airport, Recording studio, Museum, Malls, Banquet Hall etc.