Earcons Movable Partition

Earcons Acoustic Building System is a modernized newly decorative material company.We focus in researching and producing acoustic products, sound insulation material and acoustic partition.We provide the largest selection of highest quality products, what's more, provide them at affordable price, Our acoustic products are the #1 choice for Cinema, Hotel, Stadium and Cathedral. From the establishment of our company, we practice that Green living, environmental protection and economical to build fashion life and suitable work.We are offering sound absorption, anti-fire, water-proof, economical products.

Benefits of Earcons Movable Walls

Types of Glass Movable Walls

Glass movable walls are available in two types:



DATA Center, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential, Offices, Recording Studios, Auditorium, Research Labs, Industrial, Noise Isolation Areas, High Wet areas, High Risk Fire Areas, High Humid Areas, Home Theatre, Educational, IT Sector, BPO‟s.