Earcons Gyp Aco Perforated Panel

Product Description

Earcons acoustic perforated gypsum board is designed on the basis of helholtz resonance theorem, After perforated, the holes, board and the wall make up of many resonant cavities, when air molecules pass the holes, the resonant cavities will consume large quantities of sound energy.
Earcons perforated gypsum board is one of the best sound absorption products, it ie widely used in Auditorium, office, cinema, church, hospital. School and so on.

Product feature

Perforation Variants (Square hole)

Perforation type: Square type,
3x3mm, 4x4mm, 6x6mm, 10x10mm, 12x12mm
Color of non-woven fabric: White, black, blue, other on request

Circle Hole

Perforating type: Circle hole,
6mm(pitch: 25mm),
8mm (pitch: 25mm),
12mm (pitch: 25mm),
15mm (pitch: 30mm)
Color of non-woven fabric, white, black.

Painting and Decoration

Finishes applied to plasterboard surfaces can have a significant effect on the perceived quality of the installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist.


Thickness 12 mm
Edge Square
Fire Class l & P
Sizes 595/595/1200
Sound Absorption Upto 0.80
Density 800 Kg/m3
Climate (RH) 70
Weight 6.5 - 7.6 Kg/m2
K-Value 0.1w/m k
Perforation Rate 12-18%

Technical Performance

Surface Spread – Class l - BS 476 Part 7 Specific Optical Density of Smoke – Flaming Exposure 26.28 Dm (Corr) - ASTM E66 Thermal Conductivity – 0.08 Wm/k - IS 3346 Non-combustibility – Mass loss 53% @ 750 oC - ISO 1182 Ignitibility – ‘P’ - BS 476 Part 5 Fire Propagation Index – 5.17 - BS 476 Part 6


Earcons Gyp Aco Perforated Panel install on Metal Channel suspension system


Auditorium, Theaters, Recording studio, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Hotel, Museum, Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office ,Conference Hall, Advanced villa or private living room and other public places for improvement of the environment.