Earcons Solesfab System

Stretch Ceiling Systems are decorative membranes that can be used in nearly any application. The membranes are most common for creating ceiling applications, but may also be used to create wall applications, ceiling and wall murals, suspended 3-D panels, or freestanding features. They can be given virtually any shape. The membrane is made with a special polyvinyl chloride base that is guaranteed to be cadmium-free. Stretch Ceiling Systems allow the user to achieve attractive and modern designs within a short period of time while avoiding the mess typically associated with ceiling construction. The assembly process takes place by stretching the ceiling membrane across an aluminum structure that has been fastened to the wall or frame at any desired height. Stretch Ceiling Systems are the only system that can be fastened directly to the walls and do not constitute additional load to the ceiling structure.


Stretch Ceiling Systems fulfill several distinctive functions:
• Lower interior areas that are too high.
• Cover defects of old ceilings and hide any installations placed above the ceiling.
• Offer protection to the area below from damage caused by water leakage.
• Provide long lasting ceiling solutions and structure protection for areas with high humidity.
• An attractive decorative finish and deliver perfection that cannot be achieved with traditional sheetrock, paints, or suspended ceiling tiles.
• Translucent membrane finish can cover entire ceiling and, when backlit, can offer beautifully diffused lighting.
• Enhance the acoustical properties of any room.
• Fantastic option for Clean Room applications as they have a smooth washable surface. Available in an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal finish, are completely impermeable to air, and are Class A fire rate.


Stretch Ceiling Systems can act as a special resonance absorber, also called a micro-perforated sound absorber. The sound absorber is available in 250,000 perforations per square meter. This enables the user to apply an acoustic treatment to any area without compromising the cosmetic look of the project. The micro-perforations convert sound energy into heat energy. The friction of air in the holes is reinforced by the volume of air trapped between the material and the backing (wall or ceiling), which generates the impressive acoustic properties of the sound absorbers. The diameter of the perforation holes, the distance between the holes, the thickness of the panel, and the thickness of the air space between the panel and backing determine the sound absorption coefficient of a micro-perforated sound absorber. These four variables allow you to meet various room acoustic demands for speech, music, or general noise control for a more pleasant and comfortable environment. This system can be applied to all of Stretch Ceiling Systems colors and finishes.

Illuminated Panel

The Translucent Stretch Membrane offers a fantastic opportunity to create clean-and-cool or loud-and-colorful lighting effects. Light diffusion, backlighting, and front or rear projection are utilized to illuminate the membrane. Any type of lighting fixture can be used, although fluorescent and LED are most popular for creating unique lighting designs.
When light bulbs need to be replaced, there are three options:
1. Service call - a technician will come out to remove and reinstall membrane.
2. Removable access panel - panel is designed with opening mechanism or system.
3. Suspended panel - designed with easy to reach light bulbs.

PVC Profiles

Large Spans

Earcons Stretching Solesfab System space of maximum 5x50m can be covered seamlessly in a single span.

Eco Friendly

Earcons Solesfab basic element of polymer is polyurethane,which has properties of polymerisation and allows to create an ecofriendly material.


Stretch Ceiling Perimeter Track is fixed into place at the designated height. The Stretch Ceiling is stretched and installed into the Perimeter Track.


Product guaranteed for 12 Years from installation against seam and harpoon manufacturing defects.


Auditorium, Multiplexes, Domes, Home-Theaters, Airports, Recording studio, Television station, Music hall, Large entertainment city, Hotels, Hospitals, Museum, Indoor Stadiums ,Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office, Lecture Halls, Advanced villa, Industrial Spaces, Retail Outlets and other public places for improvement of the environment.