Earcons Fabric Facia Panel

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels an attractive, versatile, rigid fiberglass panel that are an aesthetically pleasing solution to your reverberant noise problems. Also known as Fiberglass wall panel or acoustical wall panels, these sound absorption panels can reduce the reverberation in large spaces and improve room acoustics for the ease of listening to speech and music. Resin hardened edges are an option for increased durability on panel sides and corners. Wall and Ceiling panels are designed for high traffic areas requiring impact-resistant tack able surfaces with excellent acoustical absorption. Consists of a semi-rigid acoustic fibre glass core covered with an acoustic fire retardant fabric.


• High sound absorption frequency, good effect on absorbing low, middle, and high frequency noises.
• B1 grade fire-proofing and E1 grade Environmental protection, inflammable, decorative and easy to install, unpolluted by dust, etc.
• Various kinds of facings and colors for your choice, cloth can be supplied by customers.


Earcons fabric facia High Impact panels utilize fiberglass board core that is eligible to bear the Green Cross label for recycled content .The board is certified on average to contain at least 35% recycled glass, with 9% post-consumer and 26% pre-consumer content. And for your LEED® project, our acoustical panels can help you qualify for recycled content points under the Materials and Resources section. Other LEED® categories may also apply depending upon the project requirements.
The R-Value is resistivity to heat or cold, and is an important factor in choosing a finish.


Thickness 25,50 mm
Edge Square, Bevel
Fire Class l & A
Sizes 595x595/1195
Sound Absorption Upto 0.95
Density 110 Kg/m3
Climate (RH) 90
Weight 1.5 Kg/m2
Light Reflection 85 %

High Performance

The process of sound absorption involves the conversion of sound energy to another form of energy. When the sound energy hits our panels, the energy is converted to heat energy through the friction and resistance of the sound energy when air molecules are forced through the pores of the insulation.


Fabric Facia can be installed using a variety of different mounting methods including: Mechanical clips (z-clips), Impaling clips ,Z- bar.

Endless Design Potential

Fabric Facia Acoustic Panels are custom built to your specifications. Architectural interest is added by ordering our panels with square, beveled, mitered or rounded edges.

Fabric Covering Variety

Fabric Facia Acoustic Panels are available with an endless variety of fabric options. Choose the fabric color and texture that best matches your existing décor. If desired, we will match your fabric of choice.

Variants and Colour


Fabric Facia Acoustic Panels come with resin hardened edges. The fiberglass core of our acoustic panels is firm and resists impacts.


Auditorium, Theaters, Recording studio, music hall, Lecture Hall, Stadium, Hotel, Home Theatre, Museum, Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office, advanced villa or private living room and other public places for improvement of the environment.