Earcons Floors: (Raised Access Floor)

Accessible floor systems offer both the user and the building owner great flexibility on how the workspace can be used and reconfigured. The ability to route and re-route services, such as data and power delivers great versatility.
Raised Access Floor

Earcons offers the following advantages.

Technical Properties

Earcons floor hard used cold rolled steel. Cross strengthening rib "Structure elegant Appearance many time reshapes, high dimenstional precision To maintain high quality of standard. "We use cross strengthening rib structure which can carry more 20% loading than any other standards.

Panel Type Design Load (kN)Point Load (kN) Impact Load (kG) Safety Factor Uniform Load (kN/m2)
FS800 3.63.6 50 3 13.6
FS1000 4.54.5 50 3 20
FS1250 5.55.5 50 3 25
FS1500 6.66.6 50 3 30

Life span

Earcons Acoustic building system offiring 10 - 15 years life span of Raised floor.


600 x 600x 30mm, 600 x 600 x 35mm,


Top tile is HPL 、PVC, bottom painted phenolic resin , SPCCID solid steel made from Baostell ,cement infilling , conductive regular, pedestal pressure formed by steel plate, Fireproof, water proof ,dust proof, corrosion protection pollution-free,anti-static Simple for fixing, convenient for wiring Height of pedestal could be adjustable at discretion Tile could be custom-tailor


DATA Center, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential, Offices, Educational, Call Centers Research Labs, Public Building, Educational, IT Sectors , Retail & Commercial Spaces.
High quality paint, difficult to rust, high wearing capacity. GB foaming cement free of cinder, filled with unique strong oscillatory type. Rolling paste tile, regula pasted with strong glue difficult to drop. Advance multipoint spot welding, uniform bonding point, strong structural capacity.