Earcons Stretch Aco System

We bringing a newest range of Stretch Acoustic System, which is a stretch fabric system widely demanded for its high caliber acoustic performance with the warmth, high quality and removable fabric finish for walls and ceilings. Add beauty and ace for an effective sound control by connecting fabric panels with the finishes in the other surface.


• Effortless to integrate outlets, switches and lighting
• All work finished on site
• Perfect tolerance close to all architectural situations
• No sagging, gaps, or misfitting of fabric
• Takes virtually any kind of fabric
• Any depth can be accomplished or multiple panel depths can be applied
• Multiple core materials can also be utilized
• Finished edge is tight to wall
• Fabric can be separated for replacement
• Fabric is stretched, not glued; allows for high tension applications

Less Damage

Stretch Acoustic System uses stretch fabric system which enclose the walls with the surface of the acoustic absorbent material, which is invisible. This means that the panels will help to prevent the surface from aesthetic damaged.

Easy to fit around Architectural Design

Owing to the nature of the installation method used to fit Stretch Wall Systems, it becomes effortless to form shapes and designs, which are generally not formed by the traditional systems.

Bigger Panel Area

These are wrapped with acoustic panels which are usually small in size, typically 3mx1.2m maximum. This means that when large areas needed to be covered then there will be many joints and seams.

Environment and Sustainability

Being a self supporting system, it allows us to utilize more environmentally friendly core materials such as recycled glass / polyester; fiberglass, etc. These materials are made up of natural binders and higher recycled glass content.

Reduced Maintenance

When fabric is inserted with the plastic track system, it can be removed and replaced. The damaged areas or a easy change of color scheme is simple to maintain and can be availed at competitive rates than having to replace the panels.

Installation Details:

The fabric is acoustically transparent and transfers a BS476 Class fire certificate.

Acoustic Performance

With an NRC rating of 0.85, the Stretch Acoustic System can dramatically improve speech. By cutting down unwanted internal noise a workspace can be benefited greatly.

Color Variants

The fabric is acoustically transparent and transfers a BS476 Class fire certificate.


Auditorium, Theaters, Recording studio, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Hotel, Hospital, Museum, Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office, Partitions ,Conference Hall, Advanced villa or private living room and other public places for environment.